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Prosperity Services

Prosperity Services brings decades of extensive franchise experience to bear on each consultation with one purpose in-mind — your success. Whether you’re a first-time business owner or a serial entrepreneur, we apply a proven process to help you to explore franchise business ownership and find the right franchise so you can prosper.

Becoming your trusted franchise consultant is a privilege we earn. We build open, honest relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We listen to understand and then offer thoughtful, direct expert guidance. If franchising isn’t a good fit, or a specific franchise under consideration sounds good but doesn’t align with your goals, expectations, and resources, we’ll let you know.

As in any entrepreneurial endeavor, industry knowledge and awareness are vital to your success. The franchise industry is dynamic, with many factors affecting franchise growth (i.e. regulations, market conditions, competition, demographics, etc.). Throughout our consultations, we share essential franchise knowledge, so when it’s decision time, you’re confident and ready.

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Our Method

1. Connect

Initial conversation about your goals, timing, explain our method, answer your questions and determine next steps.

2. Learn

In-depth conversation to thoroughly understand your motivations, capabilities, needs, preferences, dislikes, range of initial investment, risk tolerance.

3. Model

Using all collected data, we’ll formulate a model to target the ideal franchise(s) for you, then validate to ensure accuracy and deliver your final model.

4. Recommend

Based on your model, we’ll identify franchises whose characteristics fit you best, check availability and make recommendations accordingly.

5. Investigate

We’ll guide you through an evaluation of your franchise opportunities during which you will validate performance claims, meet leaders & assess “fit”.

6. Decide

We’ll help you apply the findings of your investigation, pose any further questions, address fear or anxiety, so you can make an informed, timely decision.

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