We are trusted franchise advisors.


We’re dedicated to helping you find, evaluate and select the right franchise.


We can save you time, reduce stress and maximize your prospects for success.














We fuel entrepreneurial success by helping

people prosper as franchise owners.

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We are trusted franchise advisors.


We’re dedicated to helping you find, evaluate and select the right franchise.


We can save you time, reduce stress and maximize your prospects for success.





We fuel entrepreneurial success by helping people prosper as franchise owners.





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Prosperity Services brings decades of extensive franchise experience to bear on each consultation with one purpose in-mind — your success. Whether you’re a first-time business owner or a serial entrepreneur, we apply a proven process to help you to explore franchise business ownership and find the right franchise so you can prosper.

Becoming your trusted franchise advisor is a privilege we earn. We build open, honest relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We listen to understand, then offer thoughtful, direct expert guidance. If franchising isn’t a good fit, or a specific franchise under consideration sounds good but doesn’t align with your goals, expectations and resources we’ll let you know.

As in any entrepreneurial endeavor, industry knowledge and awareness are vital to your success. The franchise industry is dynamic, with many factors affecting franchise growth (i.e. regulations, market conditions, competition, demographics, etc.). Throughout our consultations, we share essential franchise knowledge, so when it’s decision-time you’re confident and ready.


1. Connect

2. Learn

3. Model


4. Recommend


5. Investigate

6. Decide

Results Speak:
Their Experience, Their Words

“When my corporate finance job ended unexpectedly, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for the next phase of my professional life.  I dreaded going back to work for someone else, but was uncertain and wary about starting my own business.  An introduction to Phil and Prosperity Services came at precisely the right time.  He asked many questions, not just about my professional experience and skills, but also about my personal/family situation and my goals.  He listened attentively to my answers before asking more questions.  In the end he developed a profile that was used to select appropriate franchise options for my situation.  None of these opportunities were companies that I would have known about, let alone pursued, without Phil bringing them to my attention.

Phil’s approach is to educate himself about his client, all the while educating his client about the world of franchises and how to assess them for compatibility.  As I got to the point of committing to a company, he offered advice on what questions to ask, negotiation tips, and resources for legal review and funding options.  Even after I made the decision and purchased my business, he remains available for any questions I might have and is always available to offer advice, and encouragement, and to celebrate my successes. His insight into the value proposition of the franchise model and his sincere desire to help me make the right decision for me was invaluable.”

Kelly M.


“Our experience working with Prosperity Services was both enlightening and enjoyable. We received a thorough and accurate assessment, which led to our being introduced to an array of proven franchises that matched our interests, which we would otherwise never have considered. Phil provided expert guidance, candid insight, saved us a tremendous amount of time and did so in a very thoughtful manner. We really appreciated the disciplined approach Phil used to identify our passions, criteria for success and help us understand our options. He was accessible, responsive and kept us focused on achieving our goals at all times. Anyone seeking to maximize their chances for success as a franchise owner must fully commit themselves to following a rigorous approach to exploration. We strongly recommend aligning yourselves with a best-in-class franchise advisor, like Prosperity Services. Our experience was extraordinarily beneficial. Beyond the resources, guidance and decision-support we received, we learned a great deal about ourselves and were extremely well-prepared to make our final decision.”
Keith & Cheryl


“I’ve been tapping into Phil’s franchise expertise for a long time.  He’s incredibly responsive, perceptive, thorough, keeps me focused, and saves me time.  I believe Phil’s consultative approach has made me a better franchise business owner.  He understands the needs of franchisees, how to evaluate franchisor performance, and is a consummate professional even when addressing tough issues.  I’ve been successful in business, in part because I know what I don’t know, and am not shy about asking for help.  I really appreciate how Phil makes the process educational and empowering — I feel prepared to ask the right questions, and well-informed at decision-time.”

Chintan T.


“We were open to learning, yet initially cautious about franchise business ownership.  We knew we had to be pragmatic in order to accomplish our goals (independence, freedom, flexibility, earn money, create wealth, etc.).

The process of exploration and learning we experienced was immensely helpful.  We really appreciated the objective, individualized and sometimes brutally honest, approach Prosperity Services uses.

Thanks to their educational approach, we were able to resolve our preconceived notions.  Our open-mindedness and their process enabled us to consider industries and businesses that we wouldn’t otherwise have found.   Prosperity Services took the time to understand, probe our unique needs, concerns, desires and worked hard to help us find us the best options.

In particular, Phil shared intel, held us accountable, ensured we were fully engaged, listened to our concerns, helped us address them, and kept us focused on what really mattered.  This whole experience grounded us in our reality, saved us time for sure, opened our eyes to opportunity that we would otherwise not have found on our own.

Today, we operate a growing business, are proud of what we do, the jobs we’re creating, the community we’re strengthening and… we’re doing it together as a couple (we weren’t sure we could).

Be sure to approach entrepreneurship with ab open mind, gain access to experts like Prosperity Services, let them educate you, find the right brands, and help you rigorously evaluate your options.  This is ultimately gave us the confidence to take the leap and become entrepreneurs. “

Denise & Keith


“Before I began working with Phil, I already had a fair amount of experience in a variety industries and capacities at large companies, start-ups, and at my own small business. After selling my company, I began exploring what I wanted to do next. I was considering a variety of different directions, including franchising. I spoke with a number of franchise consultants, but Phil’s personality and approach really struck a chord with me. In my conversations with Phil, he took the time to dig in to my goals, objectives, and priorities and really helped me crystalize what I was looking for.

Phil’s methodology, and his emphasis on doing the legwork and speaking with both franchisors and franchisees, gave me confidence that my decision making was grounded in fact and understanding. I can be quite thorough in my analysis, but Phil was always patient, and I never felt pressured. He brought me interesting opportunities that I know I would not have otherwise seen. Although I came very close with a few franchises, I ultimately pursued a non-franchise opportunity. Phil’s help, advice, and encouragement throughout the process have been invaluable. For anyone seriously considering franchising, I would highly recommend working with Phil. He is clearly committed to helping people find the right opportunity for them. I have greatly enjoyed working with him.”

Marc M.


“Like many people, we work hard, have a bustling family life and are active in our community. Given our hectic lives, when we were first introduced to Prosperity Services, we were skeptical. Phil’s clearly an expert in this space, but it was his caring and thoughtful style of communication that opened us up to exploring the possibilities. Working with Phil caused us to do some self-reflection, deepened our relationship as a couple, and helped us better understand our own goals/aspirations. We ultimately came to trust and value Phil because he put our interests first, always. When things got a bit frustrating, Phil kept us on-track, gave us sound advice on how to organize, process information and cope with our emotions (fears). At every stage of the process, we felt prepared, supported on every front, and were ultimately well-prepared to make informed decisions. Phil’s calm, professional demeanor was immensely helpful. If you’re considering franchise ownership, find someone you can trust, who will keep your interests front & center, be objective and put their knowledge, experience, resources to work for you. For us, that someone is Phil.”
Renee & Brent


“I’ve enjoyed the freedom, control and financial benefits of franchising for over 25 years.  As a franchise owner and operator, I work hard leading teams, caring for my staff and helping them deliver high quality experiences to our customers.  Through Phil, my appreciation of the franchise business model, and the resources franchisors and their suppliers can offer, has strengthened my business immensely. Everyone needs help along the way – Phil provided guidance and sound franchise advice that I found to be highly credible.  He took the time to understand my challenges, issues and opportunities.  Simply put, Phil’s a franchise expert, who I’ve found to be extremely valuable, as he’s helped me become more successful.”

Ssunny S.


“Having had the opportunity to collaborate with Phil, I value his sincerity and genuine efforts to help.   He never forgot that the customer’s success is paramount.  Phil is an excellent listener, quickly identifies what is critical-to-success, and lends his vast franchise knowledge to develop valuable recommendations.  He brings clarity to complex matters, constructively helps pressure-tests options, and helps to determine the best ventures to pursue.  Phil’s highly informative educational approach would be especially valuable to anybody who is pursuing their first franchise.  His extensive knowledge can “de-risk” a new venture significantly, making Phil a very valuable partner.”

John M.



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