“Action”​ — the Key Driver of Success

Being around “big idea” people can be inspiring. They see life through the lens of “opportunity”. Their big ideas may be the stuff of genius, however unleashing the potential of any big idea requires people capable of bringing them to life by taking “action”.

Take a close look at anyone you deem successful. Far beyond their age, gender, ethnicity, professional/academic experience, or accomplishments, the common-ground they all share – being action-oriented. Whether as an individual or as part of a team, action-oriented leaders plan, execute, measure and continuously improve. Their passion for bringing “big ideas” to life inspires their actions, which yields tangible results.

Not all actions yield the desired result:
 Successful people understand this, and when things don’t go as expected, they learn, adjust then try again. As Tony Robbins says, “If you don’t get the result you want, change your approach”.

Action the key driver of successThe Impact of In-action: Doing nothing is essentially accepting the status quo. For some it feels comfortable, even safe. However, if the goal is to achieve meaningful change, on any scale, it’s impossible without taking “action”. Economists use the term “opportunity cost”, to quantify the value you could create if you didn’t choose to do nothing. 

Harry Truman’s words are timeless. Have any doubt? Consider the plight of the US auto industry where the Cost of In-action (COI) for not becoming more technology/software driven is at least $15B. That’s the difference between the market cap of Uber and Ford, GM, and Chrysler combined.  The COI for Blockbuster, Timex, Kodak, Sears, Toys R Us was far more painful: bankruptcy and extinction. *

* “Cost of Inaction: A Powerful New Catalyst for Change”, Don Neal, Forbes, 1/3/19

 Taking Action to Mitigate Risk & Preserve Opportunity: In a perfect world, we’d make decisions based on “certainty”. However, in the real-world, “certainty” is a rare occurrence. Making decisions in the absence of certainty is a “calculated risk.” To avoid missing opportunity or becoming irrelevant, timely decisions must be made. To minimize risk, we collect/analyze data, evaluate options, seek expert input, and allow our experience (gut-instinct) to inform us. Decisions made in this manner enable timely, thoughtful action.   

Action the key driver of success

The Relationship Between “Big Ideas” and “Action”: Jack Canfield wrote a book called “The Success Principles”. It’s extremely germane here, as Jack makes a powerful observation about all people, “The life you are currently living is the result of the thoughts you have thought, the choices you have made, and the actions you have taken in the past.” Jack goes on to say that, “To achieve desired outcomes, one must replace complaining with making requests and taking action.” These powerful words make the point perfectly – “action” is just as important as a great “big idea”.  

Take Inspired Action: The only fear that should motivate us is that of inaction. Where will you be years from now if you consciously choose not to take action. Will you be happy, will you be making a difference, will you be building wealth, will you be fulfilled? The answers to these questions are more likely to be “yes” if you’re taking inspired action based on thoughtful decision-making.

About the Author:

Phil Harvey, founder of Prosperity Services, is an accomplished franchise professional, entrepreneur and trusted franchise advisor.  He consults with first-time, as well as serial entrepreneurs.  In addition to helping them find, evaluate and select the right franchise, Phil maximizes their prospects for success.  To learn more about Prosperity Services or Phil, visit his LinkedIn profile or  www.prosperitysvcs.com.

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Phil Harvey

Phil Harvey, franchise consultant and founder of Prosperity Services, is an accomplished franchise industry veteran and trusted franchise advisor. He consults with first-time and serial entrepreneurs alike, helping them find, evaluate and select the right franchise to achieve their goals.