Living Proof That Caring for Community Fuels Success

On Sundays, we take Mom to brunch at local establishments, making it special each time. This time, we chose Goldberg’s Famous Deli. The food was excellent, yet the experience was what is truly memorable. A founding family member was there – “Uncle Marty” He is known for greeting everyone and trying to make a connection with all guests. He welcomed us all into a place that has been his “home away from home” for 45 years.

With dozens of locations to the family name, Goldberg’s Famous Deli has been super successful for decades. Uncle Marty didn’t have to be there on a Sunday. Still, he was, making customers part of his life, welcoming them into his home, and positively impacting everyone he met. No doubt, the long-gone founder of this legendary deli is smiling down with pride. Uncle Marty’s hospitality, sarcasm, and sharp wit were far more than entertainment – for us, it became a priceless moment of familiarity and comfort. Uncle Marty took the time to speak with my 96 yr old mother and made her laugh and smile. He created an experience far beyond a mere brunch.

Having recently lost her husband, my father, dining at unique casual dining places (especially Jewish delis) was the highlight of their week. They traveled 30-45 minutes in every direction. Today, my mother and father would have celebrated 74 years of wedded bliss.

Uncle Marty showed us why caring, fun-loving, committed community business owners are successful. He made us all feel important, especially my 96-year-old mother. His business became a chain long ago; his hard work and that of his relatives have paid off handsomely. We were glad to learn that Uncle Marty was preparing to retire. Would you like to witness a successful local business leader in action and have an excellent deli meal? Uncle Marty will be at Goldberg’s Famous Deli until October this year. If you decide to go, I have a hunch that your experience will be memorable and delicious.

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